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 If you love travel , and if you love music good , you can have a good time in rainforest world music festival in sarawak in malaysia and you can enjoy getting both together but if you donot have a good plan for your trip to the rainforest music festival you will lose time and money by small mistakes will occur during the trip , and that may makes you sad and decrease your enjoy time , so we will share with you some info about the festival  , if you donot know :)  , and give you some tips to make you more enjoyable .

20th  RWMF  
July 14-16  2017

About rwmf :
the rainforest world music festival is one of the world music events , held in Sarawak Cultural Village , held for first time in 1997 by Randy Raine-Reusch , in the first two years just four hundred pepole attended the festivsl but now rainforest world music festival attracting more than twenty thousand people yearly.

sunset in sarawak
sunset in sarawak
 awards :
  • PATA Gold Awards 2006
  • ASEANTA Excellence Award 2009
  • the BrandLaureate Country Branding Award 2012-2013
  • Top 25 Best International Festivals by the magazine Songlines 2010-2015
rwmf action place :
Settled at the foot of Mountain Santubong in the Sarawak Cultural Village only 35 km from Kuching City the Festival happens among the traditional places and houses of Sarawak's  tribes and amazing nature of Sarawak's rainforests.

about sarawak and kuching city :

The amazing nature in sarawak
The amazing nature in sarawak

Sarawak it has been described as Asia’s best kept secret. Now the secret is out. Sarawak is a place for history, mystery ,romance and exotic adventures. The land of the fabled white Rajahs , the hornbills and the orang utans , and kuching is the capital and the most populous city in  Sarawak .

Tips to be more enjoyable in rainforest world music festival :

Music Festival
  • prepare your timetable for showtimes and workshops you will go to it
  • you will enter the gate without any food and drink , so do not bring food or drinks with you , and you can buy it from inside
  • pets not allowed to be inside with you , so leave pets in the hotel
  • you should be there early to avoid lose your time in long queues at the gates and security points
  • you will prefer to catch a bus that will run at regular intervals during the festival because the car parking near the festival site is limited
  • you should not bring non permitted items (knives, sharp items),and if you do it will be confiscated
  • finally don't forget to enjoy , the nature is amazing there

How to getting there:
RWMF 2016 Shuttle Bus Schedule

BusAsia shuttle bus service starts from :
  • hills shopping mall hilton , then
  • harbour view hotel , then
  • waterfront hotel , then
  • merdeka palace hotel , then
  • ending in sarawak cultural village .
you can pick your ticket from many hotels in city , you will pay 20 rm for one way adult ticket and 12 rm for one way child ticket also you can pick up a van from BusAsia company .
1 US Dollar = 4.44 MYR (rm)
Tickets :
Tickets are available for one day pass or three days , also you can get discount if you pick two adult and two child tickets (family package) , you will pay just 228 rm for this package.
prices * (from official site)
adult one day pass for 110 rm
adult three day pass for 290.20 rm
child one day pass for 57 rm
child three day pass for 110 rm
*child age 7-12 years , * for Early Bird

official promo video:

Bands and solo in rwmf 2017 :

In rainforest world music festival this year 2017, more than fifteen band from 12 different countries
  • calan: the dancing stag ,from Wales
  • At Adau : The new generation of musicians from Sarawak ,from Sarawak, Malaysia
  • Bitori :  the legend of Funana , from Cape Verden
  • Abavuki : African Jazz , from South Africa
  • Cimarron : Best Latin Album in the 2012 Independent Music Awards , from Colombia
  • Didier Laloy + Kathy Adam : from Belgium
  • Dom Flemons : is a Grammy Award artist , from united states
  • Hanggai : is a crossover band that blends traditional music and rock , from China.
  •  Kelele : from South Africa.
  • Okra Playground : is an electro folk ensemble , from Finland.
  • Radio Cos : music Galician style,  from Spain.
  • Huw Williams : champion clog dancer , from Wales.
  • Spiro : Songlines World Music Award 2016 nominees , from united kingdom.
  • Svara Samsara : from Indonesia.
  •  47 Soul : spine tingling , from Palestine.
you can also be there as an artist next year : at / Artiste Submissions closed for 2017

where to stay :
you can search for cheap Hotels in kuching here

For showtimes , promotion & packages info , stay tuned updates...
Have a good time and tell us what you think about this post in a comment below :)